I love this story.

There was a big city businessman who once went on holiday to a faraway beach. One day he walked past a local fisherman who was lazing around, with his fishing rod in the water, enjoying the sun and a beer.

The city man’s mind went to work immediately. The fishing spot was a gold mine, and a serious fishing business would thrive in the area.

“Why are you so stupid?” he asked the fisherman. “Get some boats, hire some extra hands, and in a few years you will turn your little shop into a million-dollar business!”

The local man asked him. “And what would you do once you have a million dollars?”

The city man stared back blankly. “Why, I would have so much free time I could sit around enjoying the sun and drinking beer!”

What about you? Are you living in the Present? or in the Future?

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  1. Gigi // Wednesday, March 18, 2009  

    Nice story. :D Sometimes one tends to live in the future because they dread the present; and one enjoys the present because they dread the future. But as for me, I am happy with the present and looking forward to my exciting future. I always have a mindset to never ever regret anything that happened in my life. In this way, I can always move forward.

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