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Ideas For Great Living Blog - A Collection of Great Moments in Life.

Hi, I’m Louis Jonathan, the one behind this lifestyle blog.

I live in Singapore and I'm working as a Communication Engineer. I've a degree in Engineering (Communication) from RMIT University.

I’ve been blogging and creating websites since 2008.

I worked in a few jobs, all in the Communication Industry - Data communication, Voice communication and Video communication.

During the early days of my career, the Info-Communication Technology Industry is in its infant stage.

However, these days Info-Communication Technology has changed the way people communicate.

My passions seem to revolve around Communication - whether it is technology, written or spoken. I love the "un-wired" lifestyle, that is being able to work from any where, any time and stay connected to the Internet. I also like to engage in activities that will result in exponential growth of returns with every effort put in.

Lastly – I’m a fairly entrepreneurial spirit. I love thinking of ideas, starting new things and letting my creative juices loose.

This blog is a place for me to share my reflections on life, my thoughts on personal development and a few updates on what I’ve been doing and observing lately.

There are moments of life that we truly treasured but these only formed a small part of our life. Whereas, most of our time are occupied by low value activities.

There are many problems that can plague our daily lives, making us unhappy, worry, stress, angry, fear, depression, self-doubt etc.

Since each day lost to these ills cannot be replaced, we ought to be doing something about it.

Walk with me on my journey to enjoy a life of financial stability, creative expression, human interaction, happiness and freedom.

"Money gives you more options, but Happiness makes life worth living." - Ebeneezer Scooge.

If you want to know more about what am I doing, please follow the links below to go directly to my other sites.

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