Unclutter For a Better Life

Posted by Louis | Friday, March 20, 2009 | | 1 comments »

What is Unclutter?

Let me start with the word “Clutter”, “Clutter” means "crowd together in disorder".

“Unclutter” simply means rid of clutter (junk).

Imagine this, you are now at home, looking around and you see a home free of clutter, nothing lying around on the floor, nothing stored at a corner, nothing stacking up on your coffee table and nothing crowding on your computer table.

How do you feel?

Clutter is a form of visual distraction, the less clutter, the less visual stress. I feel less stressful when I'm in uncluttered areas.

Whenever I find something lying around "unclaimed", I will find a "home" for it. If I can't find the ideal place for it, this thing is probably better to be disposed. Else it will start "growing roots" and remain there "forever".

Normally, I will ask myself whether the item is truly essential. If I can live without it, I will dispose it.

Yes, I agreed there are certain things we can live without now but will come back and "haunt" us in later part f our life. I will create a system to manage these items.

For example, a good filing system for letters and bills will keep the paper junk from crowding in some corners. We can file these letters and bills according to names and/or dates etc. The criteria for any system varies with every individual, it depends on how you like to retrieve the items in future and the maximum number of years you would like to keep these items etc.

Generally, I will keep all surfaces clear of clutter and things out of sight (in the drawers or cabinet).

The idea is to keep essential stuff and remove the unnecessary.

I'm always on the lookout to unclutter my areas for a more relaxing and better life. I like the calming feeling working in uncluttered space. It's a form of enjoyment just by looking at clear, clean and uncluttered space, it gives me a peaceful and satisfying feeling.

How about you? Do you like uncluttered space?

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  1. Gigi // Sunday, March 29, 2009  

    Great post! Let's spread the word for a clutter free earth. How's that?

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