Happy Boxing Day!

Posted by Louis | Friday, December 26, 2008 | | 4 comments »

Finally, I have finished with the migration from the old blog to this new template. New Template, New Look, New Coming Year and thus, looking forward to a new level of Success in 2009.

This year's Christmas was rather "quiet" for me. Most of my close friends were not available for the "traditional" Christmas' Eve gathering. Some chose to stay in Australia, some chose to go U.S.A, some chose to etc...

Spent the whole Christmas with my family at my granny's place. Of course, the focus of whole family is on Vanessa. She is very active and "noisy". Not a ounce of energy and mental strength were spared looking after her. By the way, she loves water, take a quick look of her enjoying herself in the pool.

My neighbours caught my family by surprise when they gave us a Christmas present. We didn't prepare any and one minute of stunned looks were there in exchange of their present. They are really sweet and nice. This reminded me that Christmas is a season of sharing and not just another public holiday.

Happy Boxing Day and Happy Hunting for bargains in all the "Post Christmas' Sales".

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  1. tikno // Friday, December 26, 2008  

    Merry Christmas to you.

  2. [SK] // Sunday, December 28, 2008  

    have a happy and healthy year 2009 ahead..

  3. Twilight Zone // Friday, January 02, 2009  

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year Louis! I know that many people recycle wedding and Christmas gifts. I received recycled stuffs many times but I kept them all. So you could give your neighbour from your recycled collections.

  4. Louis // Saturday, January 03, 2009  

    Currently, I have "used" all the gifts. But that's a good suggestion, I keep it in mind in future. Thanks for the idea. Happy New Year!

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