What is okto? - LoOK fwd TO it!

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It is another Free-To-Air TV channel offered by MediaCorp, which will begin transmission on Sunday, 19 October 2008.

Recently, a series of okto advertisements are flooding the TV programmes and the ad on the soldier's eerie encounter with a supernatural being have caught my attention. The text "it's time to go back to camp" keeps flashing throughout the ad and that eerie female ghost sends shivers down my spine. Maybe I'm recalling the time when I was in the army and putting myself in this soldier's situation.

okto is number ‘8’ in Greek and the channel will be carried on channel ‘8’ on both StarHub Cable TV and SingTel mio.

The channel will have special focus on the kids, arts and User Generated Content (UGC). Viewers can send their clips which can be shown on the channel’s UGC belt named oktobite.

okto will telecast from 9 am to 12 midnight daily.

Start tuning in before 19 October 2008.

Show me how to tune in to okto.

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