Ideas for Great Living

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After years of repetitive work, I'm right on track of my planned lifestyle. Get a degree, get a job, work hard until retirement and enjoy my retirement egg nest.

However, I'm beginning to challenge this concept of "the right way" in life. This concept was conceived many years ago, if my memory serves me well, it's around the early days of my secondary school years.

Is this really the lifestyle that I want? Is it time to redefine my ideal lifestyle?

After some soul-searching and researching, I've managed to gather some Ideas for Great Living. If I could go back in time, these would be my Life Goals:

  • To have more quality and purpose.
  • To own a business and not run a business.
  • To have others to work for me. The "others" here also refer to automated software or programs.
  • To do the minimum necessary for maximum effect.
  • To have consistent income.
  • To have "mini-retirements" throughout life. Inactivity or retire early is not an option.
 Have you define your Life Goals?

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