I cannot access the images on the memory card from my phone's "Gallery" after taking pictures with my Nokia E71.

However, I can still view the images on the memory card via the file manager.

I tried to find settings and configuration that could help to solve the problem but in vain.

I copied all the images and files from my memory card to my computer. Then formatted the memory card using my phone.

And the problem was solved.

I guessed, I must have dropped my phone and corrupted the memory card in the process.

Hope this article helps those who are facing the same problem.

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  1. Anonymous // Tuesday, June 09, 2009  

    I am trying to access the photos on my memory card to gget them to my compluter . How did you do that? I am Nokia PC Suite installed but can't find anything other than the hard disk in file manager.

  2. Louis // Tuesday, June 09, 2009  

    I did not install Nokia PC Suite.

    Once E71 is connected to PC, I choose "Mass Storage Mode".

    This way I can use the phone like a USB storage drive.

  3. MeLiSsA // Friday, July 02, 2010  

    I'm having the same issue but I can listen to the music (tracks) on the card but cant see the images any images even via file manager..

    any ideas..i have some pictures that i need and dont have backup off

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