10 Main Activities for 2009

Posted by Louis | Friday, January 16, 2009 | , | 4 comments »

I have gathered a list of 10 main activities that I will follow closely for year 2009. Hope I will make 2009 a Meaningful, Fruitful and Successful year.

1. Stay focus and work towards the only Goal I have set for 2009.
2. Exercise at least twice a week. (jogging, swimming and playing soccer ... what else.)
3. Learn more about personal development and apply the knowledge.
4. Spend more quality time with my family. (I mean really quality time and not watching TV programmes with them... but I must admit that I have "wasted" a lot of time watching Little Nyonya [小娘惹] with them.)
5. Expand circle of friends. (It's always good to make more friends than enemies right?)
6. Engage in activities that are productive and of good value.
7. Be early.
8. Drink more water and green tea.
9. Eat more vegetables.
10. Pray.

Have you plan anything for 2009?


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  1. Moon // Sunday, January 18, 2009  

    my main activity/wish/hope/target in 2009 is to grow my online business so that to have quantity and quality time with my family. =)

  2. jonoblesjournal // Sunday, January 18, 2009  

    I work about 60 hours a week. My wife works also. Still, we, with our 2 year old son, go on a short walk every day. We eat dinner together, and then, we play with our son for about 20 minutes. A couple times a week, after we put our son to bed, we spend a half hour together talking, and whatever. And then, of course, we try to catch up further on weekends. I highly recommend walking with your family every day.

  3. Louis // Sunday, January 18, 2009  

    Hi Jon, thanks for your suggestion. I have been thinking on how to spend more quality with my family and you have just given me a good advice.

    Walking with family removes many elements of distraction such as TV, computers etc. Thanks once again.

  4. Louis // Sunday, January 18, 2009  

    Hi Moon, I can see that you are really serious in growing your online business (4 websites with paid domain names).

    All the best in your business journey.

    Hopefully we have the chance for joint venture in future.

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