My New Phone - Nokia E71 Review

Posted by Louis | Saturday, September 27, 2008 | | 0 comments »

E71 looks stylish and classy. The build is slim, the stainless steel casing is a beauty and feels good in my hand. Messaging with one or two hands is equally easy.

It comes with a classy leather case but taking the phone out of the case can be quite troublesome.

The controls above the keypad have 3 One-touch keys (Calender, Contacts and Email by default). However, the One-touch keys can be set as shortcuts to any application. Furthermore, I can assign two applications per key, making use of the press (short press) and press-and-hold (long press) function on all of them.

Email is the highlight in the Nokia E71, as it supports a wide range of personal Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail.

A PDF reader is also part of the Nokia E71 preinstalled content. Reading documents (such as reports and ebooks) in PDF format while on public transport is a breeze now.

The GPS gives my location quite accurately. It has decent looks and easily customizable route planning algorithm. I can turn the GPS receiver off and simply use the phone as an electronic map.

I can connect to Nokia Maps and the internet via WiFi. This saves quite a lot of money on data charges.

Switching between "Silent" and "General" mode is easy. I just need to press and hold the "#' button.

I must admit that I bought the phone because of its sleek design. However, it seems to offer more than that. I'm not a sucker for new phones and rarely has a phone had me impressed so quickly. Overall, I'm quite happy with this buy.

Are you using E71 too? Do you have any comments on it?

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