The Government has decided to extend the qualifying date for the Baby Bonus and other measures in the enhanced Marriage and Parenthood Package to benefit more Singaporean babies.

This move is made in response to many requests and appeals from the expectant mothers and fathers whose babies are due before 1 Jan 2009.

Thus, Ah Chua's Xiao Xiao Cai will qualify for the benefits in the enhanced Marriage and Parenthood Package. Ah Chua is a great planner and forecaster, I have never come across someone who is able to plan and execute so accurately.

Xiao Xiao Cai was born just a few days after Prime Minister Lee’s announcement at the National Day Rally and the package was moved to 17 Aug 2008 from 1 Jan 2009 to qualify Ah Chua.... unbelievable.

So unbelievable that I tried betting on the weight of his baby - 0322, hoping to catch some of his luck. But no, the number didn't came out over the weekend. Anyway, he commented that there are a lot of craps on this blog, hopefully this post is not one of them.

Back to the enhanced Marriage and Parenthood Package, while PM Lee was announcing the enhanced package, item after item, I waited earnestly to hear something on Paternity leave... but no.. nothing came out.

Nevertheless, 6 days of paid childcare leave is good enough.

Here's the summary of the package for those who wants to have a quick reference:

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