Writing Effective Email

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1. Write a specific and meaningful subject line.

State the purpose of the email clearly.

2. Keep the message focused and get to the point.

Break up your message into easy to read paragraphs.

3. Wait to fill in the "TO" email address.

This is to avoid sending an incomplete email accidentally.

4. Identify yourself clearly.

When contacting someone that you are not familiar with, always include your name, occupation, contact information and other important identification.

If you assume your recipient doesn't remember you, try to drop casual hints to jog their memory: "I enjoyed talking with you about mobile phones in the lobby last week"

5. Be kind and mind your manners.

Always remember to show respect and restraint when writing email. Be professional, you wouldn't want your inappropriate email to be circulated like wild fire. Address people you don't know as Mr, Mrs, or Dr, use words like "please" and "thank you" etc.

6. Proof-read.

Use proper grammar and correct spelling.

7. Distinguish between formal and informal situations.

8. Respond Promptly.

If your respond is needed urgently but you are too busy to look into the matter. Reply with a quick sentence,"Sorry, I'm too busy to help you now," at least your correspondent won't be waiting in vain for your reply.

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