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Do you want to share photos and documents with anyone online that comes with an optional password protection and a time limit?

Well, today, I found a site where you could upload files, protect them with a password and delete them after a period of time set by you.

You can do all of this with

To get started, you need only create a drop. A drop is a ‘discrete’ chunk of space you can use to store and share anything (pictures, video, audio, docs, etc) privately, Drops are not ‘searchable’ and not ‘networked’, they just exist floating in space, as points for exchange for individuals or groups.

Firstly, name your Drop (which is a sub web-address) and upload your file. You can choose to protect the Drop with a password.

Choose the time frame to delete the Drop and "Drop it".

After you create your drop, you'll get the address for your drop. You can share it with anyone you choose.

There's no accounts, personal registration, or email sign-up.

Take some time to explore There are many cool things that you can do with

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