General Ideas for Home Decor

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Here's some ideas that I have gathered for Home Decor:

Decide on the theme that you want for your home or room. Have at least one piece of item you like in every room! Color choices should compliment the main color in the room.

Entry ways should be clear, neat and uncluttered. This area of the home will set your mood when you step into the house.

Lighting is an important element in accessorizing your home. Accent a large picture with a spot light to enhance a focal point in a room. Lighting creates ambiance and should coordinate with the theme you want to create.

Pictures should be hung so that the middle of the picture is at eye level. Art work should be placed no more than seven to ten inches above a table or five to eight inches above the sofa.

Mirrors are great to expand a smaller space. Try a large mirror that stands on the floor attached to the wall behind a small dining room table. These mirrors can be five to six feet tall. It has an amazing effect!

Bookcases are often found to be too cluttered. Vary the heights of books with the tallest in the middle. Don't put small books next to tall books. Take off dust covers from books to show their often rich colors.

Don't leave a gap between the ceiling and the top of the bookcase. Place a plant on the top shelf for balance. The upper shelves can be used for candles, family pictures, fancy bowls or larger ornaments in odd number groupings of 1, 3 or 5 pieces.

Kitchens also can be accessorized to create a gourmet feel. Grow a few herb plants on a kitchen window sill to use in your cooking and add wonderful aromas. Accessorize your counter tops with small attractive appliances or cooking utensils. A large bowl of fruit on the kitchen table can be fresh or artificial. Prints are also a welcome addition on kitchen walls.

Use many pillows on the bed as this can add a splash of color in a bedroom. Vary the colors and patterns of the pillows and graduate the sizes from large to small. Pillows are also great on a sofa and will add tremendous character to a dull living room.

Place a picture frame, lamp or small pot of flowers on your night side table.

Bathrooms can have a spa appeal by placing clear glass bowls filled with colored soaps, bath salts or bubble bath beads on the bathroom counter.

First impressions are lasting. Do not mix beautiful furniture with cheap accessories. Accessories can make or break the ambiance of your home. Be creative and trust your instincts.

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